The start of 2017/2018 Season December 28 2017

Happy to have you here checking out the site so can follow along with the race season results! 

We kicked off the season in Duluth, MN Thanksgiving weekend. Things didn't go exactly how we had hoped but I learned a lot and brought the momentum into Rounds 3 and 4 which were held in Jackson, WY this year. Night one of Jackson I had a good run and was passing for 4th when unfortunately I had an off and fell back to 9th finishing the night but I was ready to charge on and make the changes I needed for day two. I was riding great in the final and felt good. I ended up having and off pushing me back to 9th but the night wasn't over! I raced hard and made my way back up in the pack and finished the night with a 4th! 

Today finished up the two days of the Learn to Ride clinic at ERX Motor Park. It's always a great time working with the younger riders and seeing such quick improvements. 

Rounds 5 and 6 are coming up Next weekend so stay tuned in for results. Watch during the race at or check back here shortly after the weekend to see how it went!